June 24th, 2004


Disappointing Morning

Kind of a weird of a morning! I had to drive my sister to work again, just like Tuesday. (Come to think of it, how did she get to work yesterday? Huh, odd. Maybe she played hookey.)

On Tuesday as we were driving toward her office, I suddenly realized we were less than a mile away from my favorite cinnamon roll place in the whole wide world! I asked her if perhaps we should stop there, but we managed to talk ourselves out of it, agreeing that it wasn't good for us.

Last night when she requested another ride, she offered an incentive: this time we could stop for cinnamon rolls! I was all excited by the idea, and I looked forward to it all last night and this morning. Well I drove there, pulled into the parking lot, and saw that it was empty. Not a good sign! We went to the door, and a little type-written note said something to the effect of, "We have gone on an extended vacation. When and if we return, we will post a clear sign."

I was crushed. Not only was I not going to enjoy my cinnamon roll today, there seems to be a good chance that I will never have another one again. Those cinnamon rolls are a little fantasy of mine. I love them so much. I rarely actually go there and eat them (because (1) they are bad for me, and (2) the location is inconvenient), but I always know they are there. Waiting for me. I think about them often, and I've spent many a hungry morning imagining myself enjoying one. Now I may never have another chance.

The last time I went there was at least a year, maybe two years ago. The note was dated June 4th. Had I but known, I would have been sure to visit them just one more time!

So I despondently climbed back into my car, and I drove my sister to work. On the way to my own office, I decided that perhaps a nice latte would cheer me up. So I visited my favorite barista, and she ordered me a free coffee. Already cheered by the sight of a friendly face, I took it to work with me. I didn't sip it right away though, because it was too hot.

When I finally started to drink it, it tasted a bit odd. Sweeter and milkier than normal. I got to my desk, and had a few more sips. Really weird-tasting! I took off the lid, and my suspicions were confirmed. The drink was pure white. The kid who made the drink forgot to add the espresso! I was drinking hot flavored milk.

This was disappointing too, but really I just had to laugh. I mean, how weird is that? That's certainly never happened to me before. A coffee-less coffee. And after all, I certainly can't complain too much about a free coffee hot milk. I drank some of it and emptied the rest out. Then I had a diet pepsi to make up for the missing caffeine.

So a strange morning, all and all, with some unexpected disappointments. Fortunately my day improved, but ya know... some mornings it's just not worth chewing your way through the leather restraints.