July 15th, 2004


Photoblog test

Something I just learned: my camera works better when out of its case! you'd think this would be obvious... But I'm slow today.

Anyway, isn't this little guy cute? I don't really know what it is, but I got him in my happy meal awhile back.

(no subject)

This morning when I woke up, I remembered that it was garbage day. So I staggered out of bed and, on my way down the stairs, I grabbed the little garbage container from my bedroom.

Still not especially awake, I went into the kitchen and dumped its contents into my larger trashbag there. I pushed the contents down to settle everything, and as I did so I felt an odd stab on my left hand. It felt like I'd just been poked by a sharp stick or something.

I blearily continued arranging the garbage, wondering to myself what I had thrown away recently that was sharp like a stick. Hm, there was the broken jar candle last night....

Oh dear -- broken glass? Up until now I hadn't actually looked. It didn't really hurt...but I looked down at my hand, and I found large beads of bright red blood welling up along my little finger. Oops.

I should have remembered that the garbage was filled with glass; after all I had thrown it away less than 12 hours ago. But I was still half-unconscious! Fortunately I only sliced my pinky finger, which doesn't have enough skin or blood vessels to suffer serious injury. I put pressure on it for a little bit, and it was fine.

But I learned a valuable lesson today, which I will now pass on to you: do not empty the trash until you have fully woken up!