September 3rd, 2004


Random Friday Stuff

Today started out well. I dragged my sore and weary body into work, barely. Biking on wednesday was a blast, but boy am I sore now! My butt, knees, and even shoulders are hurting. Ow. I decided that a Snapple a Day meal replacement drink might make a nice breakfast. "A delicious way to keep fit", it claims, full of vitamins, calcium, and dietary fiber.

I shook it, like the bottle said to. I finished most of it, then I glanced into the bottle. Beneath the liquid was a thick sludgy substance. "That must be all my vitamins, calcium, and dietary fiber," I worried. "I must not have shaken it enough."

So I put the cap back on, and I gave it a good vicious shaking. Apparently I didn't get the cap on quite firmly enough. I spent the next few minutes dabbing at the strawberry- and banana-flavored pink dots all over my keyboard, phone, desk, and calendar.

I then finished the last of the snapple, which still wasn't fully mixed (even after my vigorous and eventful shaking). But the sludge had been dislodged from the bottom, and it all swept into my mouth with the last sip. Mmmmm, chewy!

Actually, yuck. You know, I'm not sure this was such a delicious way to keep fit. The drink on top of the sludge (probably the less-healthy part) was pretty good, but the sludge I can do without.

In other news, our office has granted us a "shorts day" today, since monday is a holiday. That was nice of them, and I see that a bunch of the big guys in the office are enjoying it. The guy behind me has his fan running, even though he is wearing shorts in our air-conditioned office.

Me, I am wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and a sweatshirt. I've even contemplated putting on my hoodie, 'cause it's still a little chilly. (But I just got a cup of chocolate coffee instead.)

At MoR awhile back, the conversation turned to nudist colonies. "I could never do that," I said. "It's not so much the embarrassment factor -- it's just that I'd freeze to death!"

"You'd be the one wearing nothing but a hoodie and socks," suggested somebody else.

Yep, I can see that. A hoodie, socks, and glasses. Oooh, sexy!

Speaking of glasses, I cheated a little the other night. I decided that when they said "don't wear contacts for two weeks", what they really meant was "don't wear contacts most of the time for the first week, and definitely don't wear them the second week."

Or at least, that's my current interpretation. Because I really couldn't bring myself to wear my glasses during my tandem bike ride (25 miles, btw!) the other night. They would have been sliding down my nose and driving me crazy all night. So I wore my contacts. But only for a few hours, then they came out that's not toooo bad!

(Update: the guy behind me turned off his fan! Maybe I'm not as freakishly cold-blooded as I'd feared.)