September 5th, 2004


Slacker Day

Most productive thing I've done so far this weekend: I made a new icon. It's SuperDuke! Pretty fun...although I'm not convinced that I like his cape. I re-did it several times. Drawing capes is not my specialty. Still, I like him anyway.

I took yesterday off. Literally, I took the day off from everything. I was a total slacker; it was lovely. I spent most of the day in my jammies, reading. I finished my first Palm-book (Black Ice, by Michael Connelly). I watched some television. I slept. I cuddled with my cats.

I didn't even leave the house until about 6pm, when I put on some shorts and sandals and went for Mexican takeout. (I had to. A lot of the book took place in Mexico, and they were eating Mexican food all the time, making me hungry!) I left my jammie shirt on, and I didn't put on a bra (ooh, so scandalous). But really, so what? At least I brushed my hair -- I almost didn't. Hee!

Much later that evening I went on a walk to 7-11 for ice cream. Yep, still wearing the same clothes, with the addition of a denim jacket. After I came home I did a few knee-exercises. But I couldn't do anything too bouncy because, by that time, I felt it would be the ruin of a great thing to put a bra on at the end of the day. (Note to any disappointed guys reading this last sentence: I realize that some guys really like braless bounciness, but too much bounciness is actually uncomfortable and somwhat painful. So deal.) Anyway, hooray for slackerdom! It was a really good break from the world.

Today has started out much the same, but I'm about to go out and try to be productive. I'm going to Home Depot, then my parents' house, and hopefully in those places I'll amass the right equipment to get some stuff done around and outside my house. Goals for today and tomorrow:
install dimmer switch in dining room
fix porch light (again)
trim hedge!!! (it is literally taking over my backyard)
mow lawn
do laundry
deposit fsa check
go through bills and such

umm....I know there were others. I'll have to update this list if/when I remember them.

Tonight I'm hopefully playing Euchre with the girls. Much yayness. (: