September 8th, 2004


Renniekins Scissorhands

I had planned on posting this yesterday while at work, between compiles and such. Unfortunately our internet connection was down all afternoon, so I was forced to work instead of doing the blogging I'd intended! Darn it all.

Anyway, I was talking to fachless at euchre on sunday, and I said, "I spent all afternoon trimming my hedge, and it's still not done. I'll have to finish tomorrow."

"What were you using to trim it," she asked disbelievingly, "nail clippers?"

"No, I had an electric hedge-trimmer. It is just a monstrously enormous hedge! It's taking over my whole backyard."

My friends seemed unconvinced, but fortunately I have some pictures as proof. This thing was huge! It's still pretty big, even in its nicely-trimmed state. My hands, wrists, and arms are still sore from wielding that trimmer. My sis' helped me out a lot on sunday, but monday I was on my own -- though my neighbor was kind enough to cart away the vast piles of branches I'd chopped off. It completely filled and overflowed his pickup truck.

Before Trimming Before Trimming

This is what my hedge looked like before we began. I put my sister in front of it to give it size perspective. Note how it is trying to eat her, and how it has grown past the power lines. She is 5'3". The hedge is probably around 11' tall!
During Trimming During Trimming

Here I am on the ladder, brandishing my hedge-trimmer. I chopped it down to just under 7' tall, or so. You can see trimmed hedge to my left, and the huge hedge remaining to my right. Click on either picture for a larger view.


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Random complaints:

I'm really sleepy, and it's cold in here! The top half of me is reasonably bundled up and not very chilly, but my legs are cold. Especially my ankles, the area between where my pants end and my shoes begin, are freezing! I guess my socks aren't thick enough.

I wish it was the 80's, so I could wear legwarmers bunched around my ankles.

Or I wish I had a sleeping bag I could tuck my feet into.

Or I wish I was at home, in bed, with a cat or two....