September 13th, 2004


Monday Morning

None of us were really ready to deal with the morning.

In the shower, I found myself unable to open the cap on my facial soap. It's a flip-up cap, but for some reason it wouldn't flip. Pushing it had no affect. My soft and water-logged nails just bent as I tried to pull it. I tried twisting it off, and the plastic just gouged a hole in my finger. Of course, I didn't have any tools handy, there in the shower with me.

Frustrated, sleepy, and in danger of spending the day with an unwashed face, I started to whimper. Then I spotted the sharp corner of the towel bar, and struck the lid against the edge (perhaps with unnecessary force). It finally popped open, and I could continue with my morning routine.

He was sitting on the floor, waiting for me. I turned off the shower, opened the curtain, and leaned across him to retrieve my towel from where it rested on the toilet. I dripped water all over him. He sprang startledly to his feet, gave his head a good shake, and with an annoyed "Mrow! Meow!" he hurried off.

She was lying on the floor by the dresser upstairs, sprawled with limbs sticking out everywhere, chin on her shoulder, looking at me through barely-open eyes. "Good morning," I said to her politely. She always responds to the sound of her name, but this morning she was still mostly asleep. "Meh," she grunted, with only enough energy for half of a meow.

I pulled a shirt out of the laundry basket and put it on. I started to grab the pants on the top of the pile to complete my outfit, when I realized I was about to combine paisley pants with a brightly striped shirt. I know on Queer Eye they combine crazy patterns and say it's okay, but I would have just looked ridiculous. Fortunately my morning caffeine set in just in time to stop me.

I pulled on the dark gray pants instead, told my cats not to get into too much trouble, and headed off to work.

Lasik Screening

I am wearing my contacts again today. Whew, what a relief! I've missed them; my face just feels so much better unencumbered. Although I like the way my glasses look, I just don't like the way they feel.

I had my Lasik screening today. I think I'm finally learning to spell 'lasik' without trying to put a 'z' or a 'c' somewhere. I wonder if that was one of the requirements? Whatever they were, I have passed them. My corneas are a little thinner than average, but still within a good range. My pupils are (surprisingly) a little larger than average, but once again okay. I am eligible for either regular lasik or the new Custom technology, where they program the laser with a blueprint of your precise cornea.

That was the easy part. Now comes the hard part: the decision-making. I think I'm going to do it. It's scary, yes, but I am so thrilled with the idea of better vision! I know lots of people with excellent results, some with vision even better than 20-20. I'd love love love to have excellent results, but even satisfactory results would be nice. So at least right now, I'm going to do it. (Unless I change my mind. Heh.) I also figure I might as well spring the extra few hundred dollars for Custom -- as long as I'm doing it, I might as well get the best available.

So... if I'm going to do it, when? I'm fighting between practicality and instant gratification here. Practically speaking, I should do it in January. If I wait until January, I can put money into my FSA and pay for the procedure tax-free. That would result in significant savings down the road.

But it would mean waiting 4 months. I suppose that's not really so long, is it? Not compared to how long I've been wearing glasses/contacts. But to paraphrase from When Harry Met Sally, once you've decided to spend the rest of your life with perfect vision, you want the rest of your life to start right away!

I've been looking at my schedule. They only do the procedure (I know they call it 'surgery', but I feel silly calling it that. I mean come on, it takes 20 minutes, and it only requires eye-drops for anesthetic. You're talking to a girl who's had two ACL reconstructions...that's not surgery!) on thursdays and fridays, and you're supposed to take it pretty easy the next couple of days. I can't do it in September, because I'm going to NYC. In fact, I'm traveling a ton in the next couple of months, and I will be out of town for every weekend in October except for the first one.

They have a slot open on friday, October 1st. The only thing I have on my calendar that weekend is October 2nd, the day of my 33.333333... birthday. Since I have a weird thing for repeating numbers (my favorite time of day is 11:11), I'd planned on doing something to recognize the day, like a party or something. I'm not sure having a party the day after Lasik would be much fun, but maybe it still would. Or I could keep it mellow, have more of a gathering than a party. And even if I didn't, wouldn't that be a great 33.33333...rd birthday present to myself? (And besides, I'm afraid of people, that's why I don't throw parties, so why start now?)

So suddenly I find myself imagining doing all of that October traveling without having to fuss with glasses. Or contacts. Just being able to see. And in my mind, it seems really wonderful. Soooo tempting.

Or, I could do it sometime in November. I can't do it the first weekend, but November 11th (11-11!), for example, is a possibility. But by then, January is only two months away. The further away I look, the more impractical it seems not to wait.

I could wait until January. I'd save money. But I'd have to buy new contacts, to tide me over! (Although they won't cost nearly the amount I'd save by avoiding taxes on a $3300 procedure.)

So I don't know. I want to do this now. Going there and talking to people just made me more excited to get it done. I have the money saved up, and isn't this why I save money, so that I can do good things like this for myself? But four months isn't really all that long. But it'd be great to be able to see NOW! Can't I be impractical, just this once? But this is a whole lot of impractical. I dunno! But I'll need to decide soon.