September 30th, 2004


This 'n' that -- too many icons

I wasn't feeling very well today. Still having odd stomach issues. Not precisely nauseous, but hurting and unsettled, with occasional random stabbing -- especially whenever I eat. Obviously the answer here is to not eat. But my hunger reflexes are still healthy, so I keep getting hungry. Then I eat a little bit, then I feel icky.

This morning I decided that maybe extra sleeping would help, so I slept in a few hours, getting to work just in time for my noon o'clock meeting. I left around 4 o'clock once I realized that I wasn't going to get anything more done anyway. At least I wasn't seething with rage today, like I was yesterday.

I think I'm doing better now though. I hope so! I ate something close to a full meal this evening, for the first time since Tuesday, and I still feel mostly all right. I think I'll stay home from VP tonight (sadness), and try to get more sleep.

Other stuff going on in my life:
  • Next week I'm going to Otherworld, so I've been trying to put together a rennissancey sort of costume. C and a couple of other friends are also going, and I'm getting pretty excited; it's going to be so much fun!

  • Last night C and I went to the thrift store and halloween store to look for costume ideas. I found a baggy black shirt and pants that might work okay if I add some accessories. I also found a satin pirate shirt with a CAPE attached! Unfortunately it was child-sized, so the "long" sleeves end just past my elbows and the "wrist" elastic left deep indentations in my forearms. I bought it anyway, because it was only $2. And it has a CAPE! I pretend-flew around the store a few times.

  • One of my cats, I'm not sure which (although I have my suspicions), has a habit of peeing in my shower-drain. Fortunately the shower is easier to clean than any other inappropriate peeing spot, but I still don't approve. I have started putting a bowl of food there, because I read that a cat will not pee near its food (so far, so good). The bowl of catfood in the shower has made life a little more surreal for all of us.

  • Tuesday I went to a Race For The Cure celebration with my mom. They invited me to it because I raised over $500 in my photos for the cure and other random fundraising efforts. More specifically, we raised over $500, so many thanks to everyone who donated. Is there anybody I missed giving a picture to? Please tell me, and I'll correct it right away!

  • My brother and my nephew are coming to visit this weekend! It'll be fun to see them again. The baby is 20 months now....he is a fascinatingly different person every time I see him.

  • Just now I typed a note in my Treo, reminding myself to call the heater people to come fix my heater before I freeze to death. I was going to type "Call heating people", but I ran out of room so I left it "Call heating peops". Now I realize that I'm not particularly ghetto, but I thought that was a standard slang word. It looks like it's spelled wrong though. Should they be my heating "peeps"? But aren't peeps little marshmallow birdies? Maybe "pepes"? Or is it just that you're not supposed to actually spell out street talk....but if that's the case, then why is "bling-bling" in the dictionary now?