October 5th, 2004


Tidbits (bits of tid? what is tid?)

I set up the LJ text message feature for my phone, so now if you're bored you can send me text messages! Won't that be fun?

I have a new halloween icon, and it is my first animated icon ever! But it's only animated some of the time. Odd, that. It's okay though, because in truth animated icons drive me crazy. But this one was so subtle, I decided it was acceptable.

I'm hot a little too warm. That's so unusual for me! The sun is shining in my window. I like it, even if it does get a bit uncomfortable.

There are hawks I think, or some similar large bird, which live (roost?) on the building directly across from my window. Yesterday and this morning they were swooping around, showing off their wingspans. Really really cool.

My foot hurts, like I have a splinter, only I can't find one when I look at it. Weird, that.

I walked to yoga class last night. We did lots of partner poses, and I felt like I was taking a beginning circus class. It was fun.

I'm hoping to light a fire tonight; I think my leftover hedge trimmings are dry enough for burning. Anybody feel like coming over to help burn stuff?

I have a goal of making a (very simple) vest to complete my Otherworld costume. I bought fabric, then I discovered that my scissors suck. So I bought new scissors. Now I need to actually do it! I want to include a pocket, in case I want to carry things. My mom thinks a pocket isn't appropriate, and i should attach a little pouch to my belt. But I don't like carrying things, even if I were to just strap it to my belt.