October 18th, 2004


In between Trips

I'm home again, and really tired. I should be in bed -- I think I'll go do that in a minute. The weekend in Madison was much fun. I got to see several old friends, including juliebata (I hope you feel better!), and I even met a new friend, egon010. Coolness.

Too much driving in not much time though. Our trip there took about 10 hours, due to a light rain which shouldn't have caused any problems but it did because sometimes people are idiots. (Well, and we stopped for a meal because we were going crazy in the terrible traffic.) Our return trip was more normal: 7.5 hours. Much more acceptable! I think next time I'm going to convince people to take either the new ferry or an airplane.

Switching subjects, mind the transition -- I feel left out, because everybody has wireless except me. Well, my phone surfs the net, but it's tiny and doesn't have WiFi. I don't need an actual laptop -- my desktop still works fine -- but I'd like WiFi device for 'net use on trips and maybe occasionally in my bed (if/when I switch my hub to wireless). Something small and simple, 'cause really all I'd do is browse, write, and store pictures. So I'm thinking of buying this 3-pound mini laptop.

Actually to be more accurate, I've already bid on it. But I bid a pretty low number, and I'm debating how high to go. I emailed the seller, and mentioned how I was bummed they didn't offer a Buy It Now option, because I'm going on a trip saturday. They said they could offer me a Buy It Now price of $315 and have it to me by wednesday.

Tempting! I'd really been thinking of something under $200, given that this is not a new computer. But it comes with a WiFi card, and it could get here quickly. It looks really small and portable! It'd be a fun toy, and it's fairly affordable.... So I dunno. I did buy myself a toy (my lovely Treo) just a few months ago. But it'd be nice to have a little laptop next week in Colorado!

Oh, and speaking of Colorado: I think we should change the name of the conference to Colorado Software Beach and have it in Hawii. I think that mountain is going to be cold, and I'm not ready for winter yet. It was snowing there today. Brrrr.