October 24th, 2004


Adventurers in Orange

While I attempted to open the treasure box I had found, the rest of my group talked to the gypsies. Eventually I decided that my box was beyond my skills as a lock-pick, so I joined the rest. I think that they had found some useful information from the gypsies, although I was never sure what. But they had encountered a professor and a grad student who
suggested an exchange.

These academics were studying something that was completely beyond my comprehension, but it looked pretty mathematical. The professor, who seemed to have trouble remembering things, showed me a page covered with notations. He showed me that he'd just incorporated our mage into his equasion, denoted by a pointy hat. I asked if I could also be included, and when he asked what symbol to use, I told him he could use a bird -- because my name is Raven. The last time I saw his formula, he had drawn a bird weilding a sword, and he had included the swirled
silver clasp I wore.

It ws the student who had requested our help though, and in return he could give us a Horn of Summoning. Well, that was too good to pass up, so we immediately agreed. "You have to enlist the help of another party," he told us, "without telling them anything about your quest." There were a few other parties hanging around the gypsy camp, and a group of adventurers wearing orange tabards eventually agreed to our request.

We went off into the woods a bit, then the student explained to both groups the rules. We, the group from Keer, had to explain the nature of our quest to the orange group. But neither group could speak! We couldn't use words, nor draw letters, we had to tell them our story completely by actions. When the orange group thought they had it, they would break silence and tell us the story.

Well, we had a rough start, as they thought we were seeking a sacred whale of some sort. Much to our surprise, they figured out the 4 elements fairly quickly. The horn took a little bit more work, but the Leviathan was the hardest to convey. Finally we convinced them that we were not seeking a sacred whale, but a group of heros to help us attack
the sea monster (although they called it a bird-dinosaur thing, a swanasaurous).

When we'd completed the effort, our bard realized, "You know, we did a better job of explaining our quest in mime than we ever have through words!" I think it wasn't so much the gestures, but the fact that both groups were single-mindedly trying to understand one another and communicate.

The student said that he had our Horn of Summoning, but he couldn't retrieve it until the next morning. We agreed to meet him just after breakfast, on sunday morning.

By this time, it was about noon. We had a lead on the Sphere of Fire, but we couldn't go there until after noon. The
orange party invited us to walk with them to the tavern for a meal.

As the 12 of us started down the road to the tavern, we encountered 2 very strange monsters! Warlogs, I think they were called? At any rate, they were large and vicious, and they were blocking our path.

Fortunately, we had 2 rangers in our group, and rangers are skilled at charming and lulling beasts. Up until now, the monsters we had encountered had showed signs of intelligence, so they couldn't be charmed. These creatures seemed to be animals enough that the charming could work. We agreed to split into two teams, each with a ranger. Each ranger was going to attempt to charm the beast, and lull it until the rest of us could circle around and attack it from behind.

It was a good idea, in theory. Unfortunately the Warlogs were only somewhat charmed by the rangers' spells. Whenever somebody would try to get behind it, it would turn and strike. A great battle ensued, and I think a mage cast an additional spell to finally help subdue our creature. When we killed the creature our group was fighting, we had one adventurer wounded. There was little I could do aside from calling over a cleric, so as soon as I saw the cleric tending to the wounded man I ran over to the other group. They were dispatching their Warlog as I arrived, and the fight was over.

Fortunately a cleric was able to heal the wounded man, and we finished our walk to the tavern without further event, each group a little richer from the treasures we'd found on the monsters' bodies.

At the tavern, I sat with the orange group for a bit. I wanted to see if their rogue could pick the lock on the box. She was happy to try, but it turned out she couldn't either, so I started asking around the tavern. After a few false starts, I found a gentle and sweet man with wild curly hair named Tinkerbell. He was a bit simple, but he had a great love and skill with boxes. He asked for 15 royals to open the box for me. He didn't care about its contents, but once it was open he offered to buy the empty box for 5. An excellent transaction.

It was during the meal that things started getting weird.