October 27th, 2004


Quick Conference Update

I've been mighty busy at the conference. Lots of interesting classes during the day, then spending time with the various people I met in the evening. Monday night I met up with a local friend I'd met 2 years ago, when we both attended this conference for the first time. He couldn't come back this year, but he wanted to have dinner and say 'hello' anyway. That was cool seeing him again!

After spending time at the fireside bar late into the night on sunday, getting to know the other folks at the conference, and drinking more than I probably should have, I decided to make monday an early night. After my dinner outting I went home because I was feeling pretty tired. I watched a silly movie and went to bed.

Since K isn't here, alas, I have been attempting to collect "Quotes Out Of Context" for her. This means snooping on conversations and writing down things people say that sounds really funny when taken out of context. Which has been quite entertaining.

Tuesday I spent the day trying to deny that I was coming down with a sore throat. I have more of a sore throat today too, but I don't feel too badly other than that -- hopefully it'll stay that way. Everything is great otherwise. I'm meeting lots of cool people, learning some good stuff, and having some fun conversations.

Tuesday night I went to a user interface BOF, which wasn't really about the things I work on, but gave me several new things and ideas to look into. Then I went out for pizza, visited with a couple friends, then I hit the fireside bar again. One guy decided that everyone from the conference should sit in a circle, and there was a variety of silliness. I got several good quotes. This time I only had one drink, which was much more reasonable. Especially so early in the week! I went back to my room a little after midnight.

So I've been pretty busy. Just spent some time skimming through my friends pages, so I'm kinda sorta caught up. It's nice having a laptop, even if I don't have tons of time to use it!

Right now I'm in a session with a the Sun Architect, and he's letting us tell him what we want in future (post-tiger) releases of Java. I don't have anything to request, but listening to others' issues is helpful.

Okay, that's over, time for lunch.....