November 22nd, 2004


Clothes and other stuff

When I catch up with friends recently, they tend to ask me what I've been doing. I usually tell them "I've been working a lot", because answering with "Darned if I know" feels weird. I guess the problem is that I'm used to having regularly scheduled activities to tell people about. Aside from Yoga on monday nights, and work on weekdays, nothing is actually a "repeating event".

I've been hanging out with various friends. I've seen a couple of movies (Garden State and Spiderman II). I installed myself a new porch light, with the help of my sis. I raked leaves, and I need to do it again. I've done a bit of shopping, looking for a new winter coat (no luck yet). I helped A with some packing (boy does she have a lot of clothes). I had a Big Sister interview, but I don't have a Little of my very own yet. I actually have been doing a lot of work and work-related stuff (interviews, JUG meeting, lots of internal meetings, not to mention actual day-to-day work on my current project). I've been spending Quality Time with my new dentist, and stressing about it.

Maybe the above paragraph is why I have trouble telling people what I'm up to. It's kinda long, and filled with lots of little details. I can't just "sum up" all that stuff in a sentence or two, and all that minutia would probably bore the asker to tears. Then I have to answer their next question: no, I haven't been skating. But yes, I really want to get back on the ice. Just gotta make time for it!

So anyway. In helping A pack, we went through her clothes and tried to do some purging. We got rid of some, but she still has an amazing amount of clothes. Part of it is that she never gets rid of anything. Well, hardly ever. Personally when I buy something new, I attempt to discard or give away something also. I try to retire clothes that I don't wear any longer, or that don't fit, or are hopelessly out of style. She just keeps it all.

We also have different ways of buying clothes. She looks for stuff on sale, or cheap, and buys lots of it. Like if she finds an item she likes, she'll buy the same thing in several different colors. Me, I like browsing the sales racks, but I also look at the regular stuff. If I like something, I'll buy it (just one of it), and only if I don't already have something similar at home (at least in theory).

I took home some clothes that we managed to convince her to purge (oh and let me tell you, convincing her to purge her wardrobe was hard!), that I thought I could maybe wear. Right now I'm wearing a pair of simple brown pants she gave me. They are comfortable, and they look pretty nice, but I had trouble figuring out what to wear them them. (I'm not good at matching colors. I'm especially not good with brown or navy. Yes, I've fretted about this before, and I'm better, but I'm still not a whole lot better.)

I tried one sweater; it had some tan in it so I thought it might work. But it looked weird -- the thin black stripes in the sweater look good with tan but not with the medium brown pants. They I tried a nice olive green sweater. I looked in the mirror and was not convinced that brown and green really go together. But then I thought to myself, "Well, trees do it."

Trees are pretty. If it's good enough for nature, it's good enough for me. Plus, it was time to stop fussing and go to work. So here I am! Hopefully I'm not embarrassing anybody, or bringing disgrace to the department or something.

Wait a minute -- I work in the computer department. Why am I worrying?