December 1st, 2004


Treat Day

Tomorrow is Treat Day at my office. Every wednesday is Treat Day. We have a signup chart in the break room, and around once a quarter you sign up for a day and bring in goodies of some sort for everyone in the IS department (around 30 people) to enjoy.

Tomorrow is not my day to bring in treats, but I was afraid it was! Don't worry: I just checked. Next wednesday is my day.

The guy who is signed up for tomorrow will bring in donuts from Tim Horton's. He is very predictable. Me, I never bring donuts. In fact, I like to come up with something original. Since I remembered it now, I have a week to plan -- what should I bring?

I am currently without ideas, so naturally I'm turning to LJ for help. My only rules are: no donuts, nothing with nuts, and nothing that requires much work. Other than that, the possibilities are limitless! Give me some ideas....

Poll #394831 Treat Poll

If you were bring treats into an office, what would you bring?

If you were in an office, what kind of treats would you like to see?


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I was wrong. My head is hanging in shame. How could I accuse somebody of being predictable, without first checking if my prediction came true?

Okay, so every other time he's brought in donuts. But today he brought in fruity coffee cake type things. (The cherry one was pretty good.) I apologize to the universe for falsely accusing him.

In case you missed what I'm talking about: read this post and take my poll!

(No point in apologizing to him, since he doesn't read this stuff. Or at least, I think he doesn't read it! Hm, maybe that's why he didn't bring donuts today.... (Okay, if you're reading this, I'm sorry. Really, I am.))

Speaking of treats, over s'mores last night my favorite birthday barista said they should be building one of her coffee shops across the street from me. That'll be great -- especially if she becomes its manager! Now if she could only put one somewhere that didn't require a left turn, it'd be perfect.

Unrelated Items

Happy December! I suppose it's time to dust off my Christmas icon. I should have made my Thanksgiving icon earlier than Thanksgiving Day, so I could have enjoyed it longer. I sat around all November, wishing I had an appropriately seasonal icon. Too bad it didn't occurr to me until the day was practically over that Duke could easily be t-day'd with just a little clipart.

Hm, since it's the holidays, maybe I should make "holiday rice krispy treats" next week. I seem to remember them selling red and green rice krispies last year. Or maybe the year before. The years all blur together, when you're as old as I am. Interestingly enough, rice krispy treats are in fact one of the few food items which I am qualified to make (I have even done it before!).

Speaking of abilities (watch out, this is a really poor transition), I seem to be losing my ability to remember words. I do (mostly) okay when writing, because I can take the time to search through my brain for the right word. Or I can look it up if things get desperate. On the fly though? My vocabularly can be less than impressive.

For example -- I was conducting a meeting to gather specifications today, and I wrote on the whiteboard, "list all non-closed claims belonging to the user". It looked a little strange to me, then I realized: "I suppose I could just call them 'open'."

Also, earlier this week, I told my sister that I needed to take my car to "the car-fixing place". It especially amuses me that she didn't even bat an eye... apparently she also felt that was a perfectly acceptable name. Of course, she is just two years younger than I, so maybe her memory has started going too.

And speaking of broken cars (this transition works a tiny bit better), I still need to get mine fixed. At a...whatever you call those places. Oh yeah, the dealership! It currently has the following ailments: (1) the right back turn-signal doesn't work, (2) when you use the left turn-signal it switches off the cruise control, and (3) there is an annoying buzz coming from the front-right heat vent. I'm hoping that some or all of those are covered under warrenty. It also has a cracked rear-view mirror, but I know that's not under warrenty.

Thanksgiving Evening

Thanksgiving Evening
It is rare that I actually have the presence of mind to snap a camera phone picture when I see something cool. But driving over to my mom's house for Thanksgiving dinner last week, I couldn't help but notice the sunset.

When I stopped at a red light, I fumbled quickly for my phone and took a pic through the windshield. As you can see, the light had already turned green, so it was time to go. I didn't remember it or look at it until today. Not perfect, but I think it still somehow captures the moment.