January 4th, 2005


Back at work....

I'm back at work again; the holidays are over. *sigh* Apparently my complexion suffered greatly! *another sigh* Oh well...this picture looked a lot better on my tiny Treo screen. At least the choaker looks good though, and that's what I was really trying to photograph. Heehee, maybe I should have just zoomed in on it alone!

In an effort to stay cheery anyway, I'm wearing two of my christmas presents today! My really cool magnetic necklace is visible here, but my purple lacy shirt is hidden under the jacket. I'm trying to grow a third present on my desk (a paperwhite growing kit (also not pictured)).

I'm also still wearing my glasses. They are driving me crazy by now. Only three more days! Friday I will hopefully have my vision permanently repaired....

Update: There, I made the image smaller. That looks less scary -- yay!