February 1st, 2005


I'm a Dealer

I sent out the first query awhile ago to all of my coworkers. Nothing complex or overstated, nothing inappropriate or pushy. I kept it simple: I let them know that I was dealing, and I let them know I was open to new customers.

I got one bite off of that initial email. It was from my coworker G, although through further conversation I realized that it was partly his wife and more specifically their daughter who were interested in my product. The daughter had recently moved away from her parents' home, so she couldn't simply share their supply any longer.

The ladies were picky, and who could blame them? They only wanted quality. They were very specific about the color, size, and type they wanted. Several messages passed between G and his wife, G and me, and me and my supplier. Eventually my supplier sent me a few photographs, which I think helped clinch the deal. The final message I received from G was a forward of his wife's message saying, We need to talk. He commented, "Now the fun begins!"

That evening G called me on my mobile, eager to complete the transaction, but I was unavailable to deal that night.

We spoke the next day at the office, and he confirmed that the ladies were definitely interested. I contacted my supplier, and after some debate we decided to make the exchange at my house. My supplier and the ladies would both meet me there, and if the product was acceptable they would make the exchange. As is traditional, the first sample is free.

My supplier arrived at my house first, and I was very impressed with the sample he brought. In fact, I was quite tempted to keep it for myself! But in truth I already have plenty. When G's wife and daughter arrived and sampled the product, they were immediately hooked. Who can blame them? I only deal in the finest, after all.

G's daughter positively danced away from my house, and G's wife left with a knowing smile. Another happy pair of customers -- just the way I like it.

So like I said, I'm a dealer. The supply is still plentiful; are you interested? If you're in the market for kittens, definitely keep me in mind. The first one's free, you know....

Now That Hope is Gone
Now That Hope is Gone