February 6th, 2005


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My sister asked me a few days ago, "Do you want a present?"

"Of course," I told her. What kind of question is that? Don't people always like presents?

It turned out that she'd found synchro picture frames at Target, and she wanted me to print out a nice skating photo for her in the appropriate size. If I would, she'd get a frame for me too. It's a pretty neat-looking frame, so I'm happy with the deal I made.


I have a stack of four cubes where I keep my sweaters. Actually, I have two stacks, but that's not relevant to this story. This morning I learned a valuable lesson: always keep enough sweaters in each cube so that there is not enough room for a cat to fit.

(Well, assuming you don't want cat hair all over the sweaters of course.

(Why do we call it cat hair, when cats are covered with fur not hair?))


I had a friend over a few days ago, and I offered him a beverage. He examined the wide selection of diet pop in my 'fridge. He doesn't like diet pop, but thought he'd try one anyway. So he asked me, "Which flavor of diet beverage is your least favorite?"

"The one I didn't buy," I informed him. Obviously.


I now have a whole slew of pirate pictures. I even have a CD with a picture of Dread Pirate Rennie on it! That's pretty cool.

Actually I have a fair number of con pictures in general. Although I brought a camera to the con, I never pulled it out of my backpack. Instead I just tried to convince people with cameras to take pictures for me and give me copies. I'd quickly pose with whatever friend was near me at the time and beg, "Take a picture of me and so-and-so please!"

That worked fairly well, surprisingly. Between people giving me copies, and images folks posted on the web, I now have a pretty decent collection of con digital memories. Not as many of my memories as if I'd taken my own, but more pics with me in them, so that makes up for it I'd say.