February 7th, 2005


New rear-view mirror

New rear-view mirror
Oooh, look what I got! A new rear-view mirror for my monitor here at work. Now I'll be able to see whenever anybody comes up behind me, even though I sit with my back to the cubicle's entrance.

I had an improvised mirror perched on top of my monitor for years, which consisted of a CD proped up with a binder clip weighted down by a quarter (I also used tape, a post-it, and a paperclip to complete the apparatus. Fun with office supplies!). This one works lots better though, because the surface is rounded so it displays more. I got it for free from ThinkGeek with my accumulated geek points.

Also, you know what else this means? I finally get to spend the quarter. Yay, free money!

And yes, that's Bun-bun also sitting on my monitor.


I remember once in college a friend and I were amusing ourselves late one night when we were supposed to be studying, and we decided to type emails together. We were both skilled touch-typists. He used his right hand, and I used my left, we sort of came up with the text out loud as we went, and we typed it together. It proved to be very challenging, because ...well actually it was challenging in a number of ways, though fun. But we had spaces everywhere, since both of us kept hitting the spacebar.

I was thinking about my new keyboard and spacing issues, and I got to wondering: what digit do other people use for spacebaring? It is way bigger than any other key on the keyboard, and there is plenty of room for lots of fingers. But what is standard?

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What do you use to press the spacebar on your keyboard

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