February 8th, 2005


Stream of Barely Conscious

I am really sleepy today! And cold. Well, I was cold. I put on my extra sweatshirt and made myself a cup of vanilla coffee, and now I have reached a comfortable temperature. Hopefully I'm not getting sick. I don't feel ill; I'm just having trouble regulating my body temperature today. For example, I'm now feeling just a titch warm. Also my face is red. The only problem with my fancy new mirror is that I can see myself in it much better than in my old one, which mostly just showed the area just over my left shoulder. Sometimes I just get lost in my red cheeks and long hair, debating whether I'm coming down with something, need a haircut, or should get back to work. I took a vitamin, just in case -- my whole company has been struck down by that plague that's going around. So far I've escaped unscathed, knock on keyboard. The vanilla coffee isn't really very good, truth be told. It's too weak. It's that gas station cappuccino type stuff, they have it in our lunchroom for a quarter a cup. Must be running out of powder. I'd complain, but the fact is that I don't need the extra empty calories anyway. At least it's warmed me up; that was its real purpose. My vision is now 20/20, according to my eye doctor who I saw yesterday during lunch. That's nifty! Today during lunch I'd planned to go to the gym, but I left my bag of clothes at home. Oops. Still having trouble getting into the right habits with that. Or after work, I'd thought about after work instead, to try an aerobic class that looked interesting. But my bag is still at home, so that's no better. At least I made it to Yoga class last night. Also, at least I didn't touch any paczkis today. Amazing, that! It helped that there weren't any in my part of the office. Easier to resist things you can't see. In theory I could go home after work, get my bag, then come back to this area to the gym. But I have a feeling that won't happen. Too much back-and-forth. Tomorrow Lent begins, and I have to come up with my Lenten Resolutions. At some point soon. I'll make myself at least do some exercises at home tonight, better than nothing at least. Leg lifts, stomach crunches, maybe even an aerobic video. Then aim to go to bed early, because although I'm no longer cold I'm still sleepy.