February 10th, 2005



You guys knew I was serious about the kittens, right? I mean obviously the post had some silliness to it, but I really do know of three adorable 3.5-month-old kittens still in need of loving homes. Two cream, one gray. So if you're local (or willing to travel), and you're interested in a new family member, do let me know.

I walked into the building this morning and saw a coworker standing in the lobby, waiting for the elevator. I greeted him and went into the stairwell. When I exited the stairwell on the 4th floor, he was just exiting an elevator, so I greeted him again. This amused me.

I saw a really fun play last week, Duck Hunter Shoots Angel. I definitely recommend it if you're looking for some amusement.

This pottery class looks really neat, but it concerns me that their date are all from summer 2004. I wonder if it's still going on? I suppose I'll have to find out via (gasp) the telephone at some point.

I keep trying to think of something interesting to say, but everything I come up with is either too long to write right now, or short and not very interesting. So you're stuck with the above four paragraphs, at least for now. Maybe tonight I'll find some creativity again.

Oh yeah, and with regard to the whole left-thumb-spacebar thing, I guess only 20.4% of us use our left thumbs. I do, and I'm right-handed. So puts a hole in the handedness theory that a couple people had. But then, K's right: I'm a freak. Someday when I have time I'll post about why I use my left thumb, and you'll probably agree!