February 15th, 2005


Ice Cream and VP's

I seem to be coming down with a cold. I felt "wrong" all day yesterday, and today I woke up with a sore throat. Darn it all, I was just feeling relieved that I'd managed to avoid the nastiness that most of the people I know have been experiencing. Well, maybe it'll be a Cold Lite. Here's hoping!

I'm sure the big muckity-muck who came to visit here from my parent company's head office in Columbus will hope so too. We had a big company communications meeting today, and the head vice president who is in charge of my whole company plus a handful of other ones as well came and spoke. Afterward, they had an ice cream sundae bar, to reward us for our hard work last year. (Nice of them, and it was yummy, but the cynical part of me knows that it's way cheaper than bonuses.)

I got my treat and was leaving the room to find a "receiving line" of the higher-ups standing at the door. It was cool of them to want to be friendly and greet their employees and everything, but I had just been licking a wayward drop of whipped cream off my fingertip. I felt like a walking germ factory -- I always try to be extra careful about where I breathe and what I touch when I'm not feeling right. I don't like to spread things if I can avoid it. I thanked them for the ice cream with a friendly smile, and tried to make my escape quickly. "How are things going?", RW the head VP asked me.

"Pretty good! Better now," I joked, gesturing to my sundae. He held out his hand, and of course I had to shake it, cold germs and all. Then he asked after my (high profile) project by name -- oh no, he recognized me! (Well, it doesn't help that our claims director mentioned me by name during his part of the update.) If he catches my cold he'll be cursing me and my project for sure.

I told him that the project was very busy right now, but we were putting our first release into QA this very afternoon. So the end is in sight! He said something encouraging. The receiving line was backing up and this point, so I headed out the door with a wave.

I just hope he washed his hands, 'cause I hate sharing my germs. He certainly ought to, given the number of different people's hands he just shook!

February Gift

One thing I hate about v-day is the explosion of red and pink that occurs everywhere. The concept of a day to celebrate love is rather beautiful. The fact that, in a store, this translates to putting cheap red plastic around everything they sell is just repugnant to me.

Love is so much greater than red plastic hearts.

Another thing I hate about v-day is the stressing of couplehood. Stores basically only market to people involved in Relationships. If there doesn't happen to be a boy out there who wants to buy me something pink and disposable in the middle of february, why should that make me feel unloved? How awful is it that, on a day meant to celebrate love, so many people end up feeling inadequate and lonely?

Love is greater than can be contained by only two people.

So forget v-day, forget the red plastic hearts, forget the pink carnations. I want to celebrate love. Real love is not confined to just one person or day. I love so many people and things, but it's easy to get so annoyed and cynical about v-day that I forget to share my love.

So I'd like to offer anyone who reads this post a February Gift. Comment here, and I will tell you something I love about you. It doesn't matter how well I know you -- I'm looking forward to doing it, so please respond!