February 19th, 2005



I still have a cold, but I'm feeling better today. I think that (hopefully) yesterday was the worst of it, and I'm on the road to recovery. Yesterday I felt pretty crappy. My throat hurt something awful, and I just felt a great weariness and ick that weighed me down whenever I tried to move. Isn't being sick fun?

Fortunately it was my Friday off, so I could spend it moping around in my jammies. So I did! I watched some old movies, I drank a lot of tea, and I read. In the afternoon E came by and made us some chicken and rice soup, which was much appreciated. The soup made my throat feel better for awhile, but then I decided ice cream would help even more. So we went to Baskin Robbins, my first and only venture outside of the house. 'twas yummy, and it did feel good on my throat.

Today I feel much more human! The classic combination of tea, soup, ice cream, and rest must have done their job. My throat is still quite hurty, but I have some energy and motivation again. Hopefully it'll last all day, because I have stuff I want to get done!

In other news, I found light-up shoes in my size last week. They weren't "perfect", but I've been wanting light-up shoes for around 2 years. They are hard to find in big-kids' sizes! After much internal debate, I went ahead and bought them. I haven't worn them out yet though, because I'm still uncertain.... maybe I'll wear them today.