February 28th, 2005


Ski Weekend

Ski Weekend
I'm back! I attempted 3 times to "moblog" a phone pic into my LJ, but it still hasn't shown up. (Once last night and twice just now when I saw it didn't make it.) Disappointing. So if 3 identical entries appear someday, that's why.

Anyway the gist of the Missing Post was that I spent a weekend getaway at a ski resort with a bunch of cool friends and had a great time!

I've skied approximately 5 times in my life, or so, and all but 1 of them happened in the eighties. Plus, I've got my bad knees. So I was more than a bit nervous, but I ended up doing fairly well and having a great time! Got off the bunny hill and onto the greens and lots of blue trails. I loved it, can't wait to go again.

Now I'm home and very tired though, so I'll try to tell more stories and fuss with the rest of my pictures later!