March 3rd, 2005


Random Thoughts on a Thursday

I hate it when problems mysteriously go away, because then you never know when they might mysteriously return.

"This could be 100 times worse than nine-eleven." "You mean...?" "That's right. Ninety-one thousand, one hundred." (Team America)

I'm so sleepy! I had a terrible time sleeping last night, so I ended up watching sleepy television most of the night instead. Then at 6:30 I foolishly closed my eyes and ended up late to work.

I am hoping to make it to VP tonight, after I go to the Magic Bag; it's been forever since I've gone. Hopefully some friends will be there?

My ex-skating team won nationals again last weekend, while I was busy skiing. Yay! It was weird and kinda sad not being there, but at least they missed me. "If she can ski, she can skate!" I knew somebody would say it, although I incorrectly guessed who. Then there was some talk of "fucking dragging her to tryouts by her fucking hair if I have to," because MJ is a bit of a dramatic. And a potty mouth.

I don't know if I can skate: I haven't been on the ice since December I think. Must return! Also, must plan skating party. You're all invited.