March 7th, 2005


Hard Core

My mom, my sister, and I went shopping yesterday for babies. Anybody need a baby? No, I'm just kidding, of course, I wouldn't talk about baby black marketing without a friends-only lock. I mean we went shopping for baby stuff. I have a cousin who just had a baby, plus my nephew just turned two.

While out shopping, I also got myself a new watch because I found a good deal on one. It's the kind with a thick leather band that's wider than the watch face, and the face is held onto the band with leather tabs and snaps. I've been wanting one like this ever since I saw Joan of Arcadia wearing one, because I'm very susceptible to suggestion like that. But mine is brown leather, not black, and thinner than hers, because I have puny little wrists.

So I was showing off my purchases to E later on in the day, and I joked as I showed him the watch, "See, it's all leather and bad-ass. Very hard core." He agreed it was pretty cool.

Then I showed him the baby clothes I'd picked out. Both the babies are boys, so I got them cool stuff too. My nephew got some funky skater pants, and the new baby got a fleece hoodie. "I had a hard core theme on my shopping trip today," I commented whimsically, "everything I bought was pretty rockin'."

"Oh, and I also got some cool patches for my jeans, because remember that little hole right underneath the pocket? Well now it's trying to eat the whole pocket."

"Yeah? What kind of patches?"

"Butterflies and flowers."

"Whoa, totally hard core."



I am so white it hurts, but occasionally I pretend amuse myself by trying to act fly. Or, y'know, some other hip adjective. We were doing pseudo-street talk at smegs, for example, and I said "Word" in response to somebody's shizzle.

"What did you just say?" another guy asked.

"Word. I said 'word'."

"What does that mean?"

"Um, it signifies agreement. Like saying, 'yeah'."

I considered launching into my assumed etymology, since I often make up etymology if I don't know it, but I refrained. We should just stick to being geeks; it's what we know best.