April 3rd, 2005


Home Among Friends

That mo'bloged photo from last night was me with my cat-sitter, jebra, He Who Looks After Small Furry Creatures (With His Wife (And Sometimes Friend M)). I might call him The God of Small Things, which is a really lovely title (not to mention shorter), but it is already taken.

Since my Treo needs good lighting to take a decent picture, I dragged him over the window to pose with me. He knelt on one knee, I perched on it, held the camera at a jaunty angle, and the rest is history.

KN commented something to the effect of, "Oh, the world doesn't need proof to know that Rennie hangs all over Jebra."

"Well now, that's just not true," I pouted. "Sometimes I hang on other guys instead."

Heh. The nice thing about the smegs crowd is that most of them are married, so I can flirt and be silly and friendly with them consequence-free. It's fun, and they are a very good group of people. I love the fact that I feel relaxed and "among friends" now when I go. F even attended his very first smegs yesterday, and he remarked on it as well, that I just seemed comfortable when I entered the room.

It was a good afternoon, and I'm glad I went -- especially since I had a difficult time talking myself into going at first! I was (and am) just so tuckered out. My business trip last week was very productive, but it was pretty exhausting.

Each day started much earlier than I'm used to, then we had stuff to do each night after work. I got very little sleep, and even less "down time". Fortunately I really like the coworkers I traveled with, seeing as how I was spending around 16 hours a day with them. Thank goodness I got away to see She Who Clarifies for a couple hours on thursday!

But that's a lot of time to spend with anybody, even loved ones, let alone friendly coworkers. I knew I'd reached my limit friday, when we were mostly through our morning session. I was really sleepy, and I hadn't eaten in awhile. This one guy was talking, and I found myself sitting there just HATING his eyebrows. I'm serious: his very eyebrows were making my stomach turn. And I don't mean I disliked them, I mean they filled me with rage!

Fortunately we left for home shortly after lunch, and the eyebrow-guy stayed in Cleveland (no I didn't ditch him; he wasn't one of my traveling companions). Just four more hours crammed in a car with my coworkers, then finally, gloriously, I climbed in solitude into my very own car. Struggled through rush-hour traffic, then I was in my house, greeting my forsaken kitties, finally home.


Despite strong temptation both friday night and saturday afternoon, I didn't stay home. But each time I went out again, it was to see friends. Friends I feel at home with...that's just as good.

Strange Dreams and Messages

I've been having the goofiest dreams since I got home. Friday night, I had an intricate dream that combined my two recent travels. (I was on a business trip all of last week, and was skiing during the weekend prior.)

I was on a mountain, skiing, but I had my laptop with me. I was trying to figure out what to do with it, so I could ski down. There was a whole row of laptop cases lined up in the snow, near the start of the path. But I was nervous because mine is a business one, and also I don't have a lock for the case.

It was my sister's first time skiing, she was there too, and she had a huge wheeled suitcase! I thought about leaving them both in the trunk, but there was some problem with that idea. Maybe the car was at the bottom of the mountain, not the top. I thought about skiing with the case thrown over my shoulder, but I worried it would throw off my balance excessively.

Then last night, I dreamed I was shaving my legs. I spent a lot of time shaving, with an electric razor, and there were lots of people around talking to me while I was doing it. They didn't seem to mind. Even though (in the dream) my leg hairs were freakishly long.

Also (still in last night's dream), I spent some time getting my hair re-highlighted. I explained my hair and its past journeys in detail to the stylist, then we discussed in detail what to do with it this time.

Talk about weird stuff on my mind. What conclusions can I draw? They aren't very interesting ones: I like skiing, I like my laptop, I need to shave my legs, and I really miss my striped hair. I definitely want to get my hair highlighted before I go on my vacation in May. I wonder where I'll go to get it done this time? Must do it soon though.

Here's another strange thing. When I got home on Friday evening, (April Fools Day), I had a message on my answering machine. No identification, just a guy's voice going, "Okay. Here we go, sing!" Then a group of people enthusiastically singing (part of) "We Wish You a Merry Christmas". Really! This wasn't even a dream: I still have the message on my machine!

Great silliness. I love it; it made me laugh, and I've listened happily to it several times since then. Unfortunately I canceled my caller id once I got my Treo, so I have no idea where this came from. I know there were 2 parties planned for Friday night that I couldn't make it to, so that was a logical starting point... but I asked representatives from each party and nobody has confessed.

I don't know yet! Pretty darn funny, so kudos to whoever did it. Are you reading this maybe?


I have four crocuses in bloom. Maybe, just maybe, it's really spring. I hope!

I pulled my bike out today! First I removed the snow shovel that was leaning against it and put it away. That was incredibly satisfying.

Then I rode four miles. One mile per crocus, just as it should be.

It is a blustery day, and riding against the wind is much more challenging than riding in a gym. I hope it's not windy in Provance and Tuscany. (One can hope, right?)

Still, four miles. 11 mph average, with lots of wind. It's a start. I hope the spring stays.