April 10th, 2005


PhotoJournal -- A Day in Camera-phones

"If it's nice out sunday," we'd agreed, "let's ride bicycles."

Sunday dawned warm and sunny, so I sent her a note.

Her natural response: "What time shall we go riding?"

"How about two o'clock?"

She agreed to this suggestion, so at 2pm we donned our helmets, hopped on our bikes, and hit the trail!

Literally, a couple of times.

But no worries: that's part of the sport. We dusted each other off and continued on our ride.

It's hard to believe that exactly two weeks ago we were sliding down snowy hills together on skis.

We took a few hydration breaks along the way, stopping to admire the scenary.

For much of the trip we were playing The Tortoise and the Hare with a friendly couple who was jogging the same trail. We would pass them, then they would pass us, then we would take the lead... at least three times. We were faster, but they were much more persistent.

We kept pausing for one reason or another: "Let's drink water!" "Let's sit on this log!" "Ooh, a lake!" "How about a snack?" "Let's take PICTURES of each other!"

When they passed us the final time, I saluted them and conceded the "race". We made sure to wait long enough that there would be no chance that we'd pass them again. Slow and steady wins, even on foot.

After over nine miles of trail riding, we were HUNGRY! We ordered way more than we could eat, so the restaurant people wrapped up our leftovers in tin-foil swans.

Some efforts were made to decorate the swans with reading glasses, but they weren't entirely successful.

We took our swans over to the lake, to meet the ducks there -- but the ducks showed no interest. In fact, they swam away.

A passing dog showed great interest in our swans, but he was restrained by his owner.

So we took our shiny swans, full stomachs, and weary muscles home. A good day, all told!