April 26th, 2005


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If anybody missed my photos of snow on flowers, you should go check 'em out. The snow is annoying, and it was really scary to drive through, but it was also purrrrrrty!

Last week, we had warm and sunny 80-degree weather. When my coworker's 4-year-old boy woke up sunday morning to snow all over the ground, he exclaimed, "Oh good, Christmas is coming!" Poor little guy was so disappointed when she explained the truth. I guess he just thought summer was over....

*yawn* I am so sleepy! Slept very poorly last night, unfortunately. And the night before. On the plus side, my hotel has a work-out room, so I've been able to get a little exercise in. Makes me feel better about myself.

This is a nice place, actually. Free wireless, free happy hour, decent facilities (must try the hottub tonight!), and a free made-to-order breakfast. Speaking of breakfast, I smell it being prepared downstairs, so I should sign off and go eat.

Maybe that will help me wake up. I have lots to learn during this training week, so here's hopin'!