April 27th, 2005


Schrödinger's Piano

[We played laser tag today, a team-building exercise, then we ate at the Winking Lizard again. Many silly conversations were had. I only remember this one.]

We still need a nickname for Xxxx....
We have one, his nickname is Babou.
But isn't that his real name?
Yes, it's his middle name.
We can't use his real name, it has to be weird and made-up.
Well that will just be a placeholder, until we come up with a better one.
Isn't Babou from The Jungle Book?
No, you're thinking of "Balou", the bear.
Ah yes, the bear necessities.
"Baboo" is from Seinfeld, he's the one who Jerry convinces to open a restaurant with his name on it but then something goes wrong and he calls Jerry a very bad man -- do you remember it now?
I think so maybe...
I keep thinking "Baboo" is from the Peanuts, "my sweet Baboo".
Yes, the piano girl!
You know, the one who leans on the piano all the time and is in love with Schrödinger.
No wait, he's the one with the cat. Schroeder. Schroeder plays the piano.

[After this, quite a lot of conversation followed which turned out to be largely incorrect, because apparently we do not know our Peanuts characters nearly as well as we thought we do. My favorite was always Linus though...although this fact is only tangentially related to my story.]

Tired yet Racing for the Cure

Having a tired and crabby day today. Normally when I'm crabby, I eat crab and feel better. But that's not really true, it's just a fun joke -- maybe it's the joke that makes me feel better. Anyway this evening I decided not to have crab cakes because I'd just had them on monday. Instead I had capers, with mushrooms and chicken and angel-hair pasta.

That made me feel slightly less crabby, but then I went shopping and felt down again. I know it's silly and obsessive, but I'm just so frustrated with my current size. It's not that I'm fat, but I'm heavier than I was and I don't like it. But I hate dieting. Ugh, it's just frustrating me, especially since I'm already worn out and stressed.

It will all get better with time, I know. Just a tired and lonely day. Too much time spent with coworkers, and too little time spent with close friends, by myself, or with cats. Actually, I spent no time at all with cats -- maybe that's the problem! However it was a very productive afternoon at training (Test-Driven Development) though, so that's good. Still...I'm looking forward to coming home friday.

I registered for the Race For the Cure last week, and I'm thinking of doing Photos For the Cure like I did last year. (Last year I emailed a photo-of-your-choice to anybody who donated more than $10 to breast cancer research.) Then I thought, maybe people would prefer something different -- like a bracelet! I know how to make those "friendship bracelets" that were so popular in the late 80's, I could make those maybe.... though come to think of it that would take awhile if tons of people donate.

Then I tried to think of something better, but failed. Obviously doing something expensive defeats the whole purpose of donating, but I really like the idea of giving out a personal thank-you of some sort. Makes it more special, y'know? So I realized: why should I try to guess what people might enjoy, why don't I just ask them? Hence, a poll. It's not very creative, because that's the whole problem. I'm feeling more brain-dead than creative right now.

Poll #483470 Something For the Cure?

What would be a fun thank-you gift to receive?

Custom photo
Handmade string bracelet

I'm not feeling very creative, please help out and make some suggestions!