June 21st, 2005


Race For The Cure

Crossing the Finish Line Crossing the Finish Line

I participated in the Race for the Cure last week -- as you can see (I'm in the white hat), I completed it successfully. All 5 km! (Although I must admit that I only ran across the finish line, and walked the rest of the way.) No I didn't win. But I was proud to be there.
Posing with a Tiger Posing with a Tiger

The previous picture was supposed to be me sprinting across the finish line, doing a two-handed victory pose. But the timing got messed up, so I settled for doing a one-handed victory pose with this charming pink-ribboned tiger. You can click for a larger version.

Thank you, a billion times thank you, to everybody who donated! And not just those who donated to MY fund-raising efforts, but thanks to all of you who contributed money, time, or effort toward ANY cancer-fighting cause.

I love doing the Race for the Cure, because I love being a part of thousands of people uniting together toward a common goal. I also love how my friends here in blogland united against this disease as well.

Together we raised at least $770... more when you consider money donated in other places! You people rock.

Certaldo to Sienna, Tuesday May 17

"The animal in the hills"

After another breakfast on the beautiful terrace, we had to bid a fond farewell to Certaldo. Everyone got up early, because Brek had scared us with his description of the day's ride. "It will be a long ride. There's a real animal of a hill tomorrow," he had said.

I had been at the other end of the table, so I couldn't hear him as well. At first, I had thought that he'd said that there was an animal IN the hills, which would slow us down somehow. I wouldn't put it past Blue Marble: we have seen stranger things on our route sheets. I spent quite a bit of time thinking this over, wondering what kind of animal it was, and if the route was longer so we could go around it, or if we were just supposed to schedule in extra time to beat if off with our bike pumps.

It was around that point that I realized he must have said an animal OF a hill. I have to admit I was a little disappointed.

Anyway, so the animal scared everybody into an early start. We began the ride leaving the same direction as we had the prior day, with part of the previous day's hill again. It wasn't any more fun with panniers, but the view -- especially of Certaldo when leaving it -- remained beautiful.

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Happy things

My sister-in-law is pregnant again. Dec 23. We will have a Christmas baby. I hope it's a girl. I will name her Madeline.

My parents accepted an offer on their house. They are heading to Chicago tomorrow, looking for a place to live next. They should close on Aug 1. I hope the new owners will still cook dinner for me on Wednesday nights.

I worked out yesterday -- I actually visited my gym on my lunch hour. 35 minutes on the treadmill, though only 10 running. Then some weights and squats and such.

After all kinds of complications, my lawn is finally mowed again.

Sad things

I am really sore from my arm workout yesterday. Owie ow ow.

My house is a mess, and the cats have been refusing to help pick it up.

July is coming already.