July 31st, 2005



Today, continuing my part-time role as Wedding Date, I saw a beautiful "wedding". I have to put it in quotes, because there it involved more than the usual number of grooms and fewer than the usual number of brides. It was still a lovely commitment ceremony, and it made me happy to be able to be there.

The part that made my eyes tear up a little bit was one of the vows. He said (approximately something like), "My parents just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. My father refused to renew his vows, because he said, 'they haven't changed; are still just as true as the day we were married'. I look forward to saying the same to you in 50 years."

While card-shopping prior, I found a really pretty card that I bought. Not for the Happy Couple, though their card was also beautiful. I bought it for myself, it has calligraphy and a reproduction of a watercolor flower, and I intend to use it as art. That's some card, that it makes me want to frame it instead of sending it, eh? But it moved me in its simplicity, in a quiet way I can't quite explain.

I get up.
I walk.
I fall

I keep


It was really cool getting to see B, even if his feet hurt him. And it was cool as always to spend time with F. A really good day.

Friends and Wizards

Well, I finally borrowed the new Harry Potter from my sister and finished it this afternoon. That was a nice peaceful way to spend a sunday! Now that I'm finished, of course, I want to read all the HP spoiler posts I've been carefully avoiding for the past few weeks. But I don't remember who posted anything... so if you posted anything about HP, feel free to point me to it. Or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, or Batman, come to think of it. I've recently caught up on all of them -- but no spoilers for anything else! I'm generally in the dark about most things.

Speaking of being in the dark, my social life has gotten rather haphazard. I've been working so much, and traveling almost 50% of the time. When I finally am home, I spend my time trying to catch up on home-type stuff, like laundry, bills, petting my cats. I spend some time just relaxing and recuperating from being on the road so much, catching up on my sleep, de-stressing, that sort of thing.

I hardly ever see my friends, unless somebody specifically invites me out to do something at a time when I am free. I haven't been making much of an effort to get together with anybody otherwise, and I certainly haven't been scheduling anything with my friends.

That's not cool. I miss my friends! I need to do something about this -- although my schedule is complicated enough that whenever I start thinking about scheduling something, I start to feel overwhelmed.

Basically I only see people who invite me to stuff. And even keeping up with those invitations is a challenge. It's funny to, because I'll sometimes hear other friends mentioning doing stuff without me, and I'll think, "Wait, why wasn't I invited?"

Then I'll remember: oh yeah, it's because I've fallen off the face of the earth. I never have time for anything. Naturally if I don't call anybody, don't suggest doing anything, I won't stay foremost in folks' minds.

So what I'm saying here is: eventually I do want to get together with friends live and in person. The computer's not enough for me, even if that's the only way I make contact with most non-work people these days. I don't know when, because I'm still swamped, but I'm gonna make it happen. I'm gonna make this dream come true! For me and youuuuu......

(ahem, sorry, distracted) Eventually, I promise. In the meantime, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, I swear. I'm dangling from the edge maybe, but with luck I'll come crawling back sometime soon....so don't forget about me. (: