September 8th, 2005


Biking to Work

I rode my bike to work today again, finally! I don't do it often enough, because (1) I have trouble getting up in time to do anything but tear out of my house, and (2) I often have stuff to do during lunch or after work that a car makes more convenient.

Today I was actually still running late, but I decided to Just Do It anyway.

[Well, it was "today" when I wrote the above. Just got back from the bar, karaoke with SK and some coworkers, and now it's tomorrow.]

Anyway, I'm really glad I rode. It was a beautiful morning, and it was a cheerful ride. I was particularly pleased that none of the "isolated t-storms" predicted by came to pass this evening when I rode home.

I found a really good route this time. A note to my future self, or anybody else who would like to know how to ride from my house to my office:
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Cats With Hands

If we didn't have the radiator to sit on, we'd sit on the couch.
If we didn't have the couch to sit on, we'd sit on the chair.
There are few creatures more resilient than us cats.