October 11th, 2005


Dinner and Plates

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, eh!

I celebrated it with tuna ahi and lots of great conversation with k8ster the license-plated. (Note to self: I visit with her far too infrequently.)

Oogling her vanity plate, I told her about some of the ideas I've fancied. (Some ideas might need more than one plate.)

rennie (already taken)
supercafragalisticexpaladocious (won't fit)
geekgrl (already taken)

techi (on a lighthouse plate)
renni (on a lighthouse plate)

this is me (won't fit)
love me

You can plan with ideas for hours with this site, it is so fun!

Contributions? Suggestions? Have at 'em. It's really fun!

...And oh, I thought of an unrelated metaphor. You walk into a popular steak restaurant, and you are looking forward to a really good steak. The service is good, the kitchen smells delicious, and you start with salad. The salad is not as good as you'd imagined, so you decide you want to leave, that the steak is no good... but you've only had salad! It makes sense to sit down, cross your legs, pour a glass of wine, and really give the stake an honest try before you decide if it is what you're looking for. Yeah.