October 21st, 2005


Name That Bodypart

Okay, managed to throw together a pic. It's past midnight, but in Rennie World, the new day doesn't come until you sleep and wake up, or you see the sun rise -- whichever happens first.

Thus, it's still thurs, so happy HNT!

But now I'm exhausted, so I must sleep. Y'all, those of you still awake, make it one worth remembering, 'kay?
Name That Bodypart
Name That Bodypart
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Empty Dream Log

Speaking of not being able to write much...

I distinctly remember crawling back into bed last night after a bathroom trip, and mulling over a dream I'd been having. I think I'd only just managed to distinguish the dream from reality, and I thought to myself as I snuggled back under the covers, "I should write this down, post it in my journal. It's interesting, and it would make a really good story."

Then I rolled over and fumbled around for my stuffed bear, admitting reluctantly to myself, "Except that I probably won't remember any of it in the morning."

I was right.