October 26th, 2005


Random babbling about my evening

After being in panels and sessions from approximately 8:30am to 7:30pm today, I was pretty exhausted and hungry! So I went out to dinner at the Dam Brewery, to have a dam salad and crab fritters. Originally I was just going to go out with M's coworker G, because he's new to the conference and doesn't know anybody. But then P was there so I invited him along. We didn't know where we were going, but jumped in P's car and stopped at the first place we recognized. Turns out there was a bunch of people P knew from the conference, so there were 7 of us having dinner. Either G was happy to have met so many people, or completely overwhelmed and annoyed with me for getting him into such a big group! I don't know, but I'm guessing/hoping it's the first.

After dinner, we went to the bar at the lodge for awhile. G stayed for a drink, and met more people, then he bowed out. I stayed longer, and I had a good time. At one point I realized I was wearing one of my coolest Geek Shirts, but nobody had seen it! I've been chilly enough all day that I've been wearing my sweatshirt over it. So I stood up, pulled off the sweatshirt, and showed off the t-shirt. (On the front, it says "Schrödinger's cat is alive". On the back, of course, it says "Schrödinger's cat is dead".) Everyone seemed to like it.

Quite a bit later on, somebody asked if I'd show off my new Dam Brewery shirt which I bought today at dinner. He wanted me to change into it right then and there! I laughed and joked, "I haven't had enough to drink tonight to strip..." I paused. Then I thought it over, remembered the cat t-shirt, and added, "...more than once."

But that's not really a Quote Out Of Context, because it was completely IN context! I just said it because I knew it would be funny. But these are the kinds of comments that get me in trouble... every friday night at this conference we have a party where K reads out the week's collected "quotes out of context". It's hard to be careful and watch what I say! Ears are everywhere.

We talked a lot about last year's adventures at The Goat, since all four of us were there. We'll probably do something similar tomorrow, or at least that's the current plan. Somebody was teasing us about lying on our backs in the parking lot, and I exclaimed with exaggerated exasperation, "There was an eclipse!"

"Oh, there was?" asked P... "I thought we were just smashed."

Oh my goodness. Fortunately I have the LJ proof, that there really was an eclipse that night. Anyway, enough babbling, I should try to get some sleep.....