November 7th, 2005


Sunday Recap

It's good to be home. I feel like I just got here, even though I've been home for eight days now. Going back to work came too soon, and felt like it lasted too long. Kind of an intense week, I guess. I had a great weekend, but it involved a fair amount of running around. At least it was fun running around though!

Friday F and I got together with a few friends, and we all obsessively watched six episodes of Firefly. Oi, that's a lot of television. But somehow when combining it with friends, cheese, kir, strawberries, and lots of joking around, it just seemed perfect. A fun night.

Saturday was smegs (aka SEMGS)! The theme was ground meat, so naturally I brought a veggie tray. I thought it would go well with all the meat, and it did. There were actually a lot of non-meat items there, complete with an actual Chocolate Fountain! Oh, yumm.... that was so delightful that I eventually had to physically force myself to leave the room to keep myself from drinking from the fountain that was pouring like an avalance coming down the mountain. Other than the chocolate overload, I had a great time catching up with friends.

New Cat ToyI even managed to bring home a nifty cat-holder! I asked F, "Do you think that'll fit in my car?" He nodded, so, "Great! You distract Gary, while I smuggle the cat tree."

But I was just joking, of course. Not about making off with the cat tree, because clearly I did that, but about the thievery bit. Gary had offered it to me, due to tragic passing of his kitty. (again my condolences, btw) Mouse seems to like it a lot: she's been snuggling on it since I got home this evening. the other kitties seemed interested, but they're still working on learning to share.

After lots of friends, conversation, and stupid amounts of food, F and I headed off to Party Number Two, a housewarming party for Tomak. The house isn't much amazing, but his land! His land is incredible. I never knew there was such a large amount of undeveloped land in Southfield! He has over two acres. It's lovely.

Next came Party Number Three, which was a belated Halloween party. I felt badly about not wearing my halloween t-shirt nor even my halloween socks, or something, but I hadn't really been aware that it would be a costume party. I just knew we were going there to breathe fire. Well not all of us actually, just F. He had been asked to do a fire-breathing demonstration for a friend's album cover. I helped out by taking a bunch of photos -- but they were with his camera, so I don't have any to share. We got some really neat flamey ones! Hopefully a couple will be what they were looking for.

Party Number Three was actually quite a lot of fun. I hadn't expected to know anybody, but I turned out to be friends with a few people at least. And even the ones I didn't know were really warm and welcoming. They made me feel right at home, and I enjoyed myself.

After a long and fun day, I eventually got some sleep. Some, but not enough sleep.... because eventually sunday morning came. Sunday my sis' and I had shoe plans.

My favorite shoes, the black ones with the silver buckles that I always wear, are getting worn out. There is a crack in the toe, and the soles are way to thin. Here's a bit of a funny story though: I had intended to replace these shoes a year ago. I went to Payless, took off my favorite shoes, and started trying on other ones. I tried on so many shoes, but nothing seemed right! Then another customer walked down my aisle, and spotted my lovely old black shoes with the silver buckles. "Ooh, those are cute," she commented to her friend.

That was when I knew I had to put my old shoes back on, and walk out of the store. I wore them for another year, but now I knew it was truly time. They won't keep my feet warm durning winter, so it's time to say goodbye.

After some intense shoe-shopping, I left the store with new black shoes, and some cashmere-lined leather gloves. As God is my witness, my hands shall never be cold again! Well, hopefully.

We also had to visit Petite Sophisticate, because we'd heard a horrible rumor that it's going out of business. Out of business! One of the only stores that sells clothes that fit me!! It's so unfair.

On the plus side though, I did find a cute little corderory jacket there. I'll have to go again, once even more stuff is on sale, because it might just be my last opportunity to find small clothing.

The rest of my sunday was spent doing laundry, watching crap on tv, messing around on my computer, and napping -- all at once. It's good to have a "down" evening. Now I should probably go to sleep. Back to work tomorrow....