November 15th, 2005


Dental Doom

I updated yesterday, but I'm concerned I didn't do it correctly. I realize that's pretty embarrassingly self-important of a thought, to believe that perhaps hardly anybody saw my entry because it only got one comment. But I also received an email today that didn't sound like it was read either. So I have to ask: did I screw it up in some way, to make it now show up on friends' pages for some reason? If so, how? Strange, that.

I went to the dentist this afternoon, to get an old filling re-drilled. It was... okay. Meaning that I was miserable and freaked out as always, but actually it went quite quickly and more-or-less painlessly. Quick is good.

She only did one novicaine shot, but I think it was a big shot. Or a full shot, or however you'd put it. Because I'm still very numb, 2.5 hours later! Numb and hungry. On the way home from the dentist, I picked up some yummy Mexican food to make myself feel better about having been drilled.

I still can't eat it.

It's my lower-right-lip that's numb. Not only is it numb, but it doesn't really move properly -- I guess the muscle was numbed too. I smile, and it doesn't move. My mouth smiles around that part of my lip.

I tried taking a bite just now, hoping I could eat despite the numbness, and I had to cover my mouth with my hand to keep from leaking. My lip wasn't able to hold closed properly. That's kind of inconvenient! Not to mention funny-lookin'.

Come on numbness, go away. I want to eat my dinner.

Practically unrelatedly, I had a weird dream over the weekend. I wasted a whole dream's worth of brain-power on sitting around in a restaurant, enduring bad service. They wouldn't bring us our food. I didn't do anything about it, just sit there being annoyed. What a stupid dream!

I had another uninteresting dream that I was going to mention, but now I've gone and forgotten it. Oh well, it probably wasn't any better.

Completely unrelatedly, my feet were cold for days and days, because somehow my fuzzy slippers have become cat toys. I could only ever find one at a time, and it was always a different one, and always in a different place. But today I managed to actually find both slippers. Hooray, warm feet will be mine!

For our final random babble of the evening, here is a thought that crossed my mind while driving home from work last week. "I realize that I've probably grown less tolerant as I've aged. But in my defense, I truly believe that the world has become more annoying."

PS - I might go to Cleveland tomorrow. If the weather isn't awful. Just for a day or two....there are a couple of meetings in which I really would like to participate in person.