January 26th, 2006


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Because I'm in a posty sort of mood today... I've been going through and tagging all of my posts from ConFusions past. It's really fun to see them one after another like that! I'm surprised I didn't post more pictures though, or at least I didn't find many picture posts.

But here are some fun memories of 2003, my second Con ever. The year I won Best Preserved at the Masquerade, the year I met F for the first time, and the year Brendan wore a tiara.


Ahhh, a few minutes of sitting completely still, a bit of nothing-to-do dring which I can update my journal via Treo.

too bad this sitting-still is happening in the middle of the freeway. Wow, gridlock at 10:30 pm. This can't be good. I'm at least inchig forward now, but I could have been in Park there for quite awhile.

Definitely Not Good... Makes me worry for the safety of some invisible stranger somewhere ahead of me.