February 13th, 2006


One Word

I am in a weird mood today.

I feel like posting a whole bunch of things, but I ought to be working. So I won't post.

Well, except for this.

The "describe me in 6 words" thing that is going around is intriguing me. I am quite curious about how people preceive me, but that page is frustrating. Not to mention limiting. So I will ask you, if you don't mind, to pick one word that you think describes me and post it here.

I'll play too. My view of myself often changes minute-to-minute, but here is my current word: Collapse )

You can pick more than one word if you'd prefer. Oh, and anonymous posting is fine, no IPs will be logged. Please, play along! It will help monday go by more quickly for all of us - hopefully.

(I had a friend in HS who signed all her letters "anonymously, Margo". Her name was really Margo. It always makes me smile, even today.)