February 19th, 2006


All That Jazz

Despite my lingering cold, today was a good day. I slept in (though not enough), did some reading, then drove out to SG's for a party-with-too-much-yummy-food. Not that I'm complaining! It was good to spend some time catching up with folks.

I had to leave early, because I had fun evening plans. I got dressed up, then met up with my sister and two girlfriends for our not-really-monthly Culture Event. We like to do these things once a month or so, but we're nowhere near that well-organized. The last couple of years we did better, because we had season tickets to something. This year has been more sporratic. But it's still fun, when we finally do make it out!

We were going to see Chicago at the Fisher Theater. Last year, we met for dinner every culture night at a nice restaurant in the Fisher Building. It was quick, not crowded, and tasty. That was our plan for this evening.

Plans can be easily thwarted, unfortunately.

Sis and I got there, only to find the place was packed! Apparently it's a "new" restaurant, even though it looked to me the same as it's always been. Perhaps it's under new ownership or something. Anyway there were lines and people milling everywhere, and we figured there'd be no way we could eat in time to see our show. What had happened to our quiet and dependable little restaurant?

Thus began an exploration. The Fisher Building is connected to another building by skywalk, which is also connected to another building by skywalk. It turned out that there is quite a labyrinth of nice buildings, none of which I'd really known about! A security guard gave us directions, and eventually we found ourselves in a nice quiet hotel restaurant just a block away. and we'd never had to go outside! Perfect.

Also, the wait-staff recommended that next time we use their parking lot, and they can validate our ticket so we won't have to pay for parking. A nice restaurant, free parking, and connected to the Fisher. Definitely worth a return visit.

After dinner, we followed our trails of breadcrumbs back to the theater. We had to wait in line for our Will Call tickets, and use the ladies room, then climb three flights of stairs to our seats. We made it before curtain, but only barely. Then we were warm and sweaty from our exertions while wearing outerwear -- but at least we had seats, and a lovely musical unfolding beneath us.

I had a lap full of cough drops, in case my throat started acting up. I hate coughing during a performance; it's so embarrassing. As I unwrapped one, I realized I had no idea where to put the wrapper. I didn't want to fumble for my coat pocket underneath my chair. I didn't want to toss it on the floor, littering in this beautiful theater. My dress had no pockets. Finally I reached inside my collar and tucked the wrapper into my bra. Problem solved!

Chicago was great fun to watch on the stage, and very well done. The music was good, and the jazz dancing even better. It inspired both Susan and me to resume our dance lessons. We used to take ballet together a few years ago, then hip hop. We even bought cool hip hop shoes, back in the day! Then we stopped, as life intervened and got busier. We still both have ballet shoes, tap shoes, and hip hop shoes. So I'm going to look for one of those classes to resume. Gotta Dance!

When I got home this evening, after having a few phone conversations, I went upstairs to change clothes for bed. I took off my bra, and to my surprise cough drop wrappers scattered all over the place. Oh yeah -- I'd forgotten about those!

A bra full of cough drops, a head full of music, a well-fed tummy, and feet that can't stop dancing. I suppose that adds up to a pretty darn good evening! Well, something like that at least.