March 4th, 2006


Saturday Afternoon

I am doing laundry. This makes me happy, because it has been way too long. I was at Target the other day, and I almost bought underwear. Then I remembered: "You don't need to buy new underwear. You just need to do your darn laundry!" I'm really looking forward to wearing some of these clothes. It feels like forever since I've seen them.

I had SUCH a night last night! We're doing our big production migration and release this weekend, and it kicked off late last night. I spent all evening getting status pages on my cell phone, letting me know what was going on. My job (along with another developer) was to monitor the migration process until it completed.

I went to Luna last night, and got home after 1am. After showering off the smoke, I spent some time reviewing where we were in the implementation, reading status messages, and communicating with folks. Once I knew what was up, and had a handle on everything that was going on, I was free until 5:30am. Of course, it was 3am at this point, and I was stressed and awake. I slept fitfully until 5:30, then got up to do the first status check.

My next status check was 7:30, and although I lay down I don't think I actually slept much before then, if any. After the 7:30 check I was up for a bit longer, probably dozed off again at 9am? It's all kind of a blur. The next check was 11:30, but I got a couple of unrelated phone calls at 11. Argh!

Anyway since then I've been more-or-less up, though I think I did squeeze in a 15 minute nap before my 3:30 check. Things are going very smoothly right now, and in fact the speed (Claims Per Hour, or in Canadian, Klaims Per Hour) suddenly skyrocketed. We should be done in an hour or two at this rate; I just hope it sped up for only good reasons. That would be great, not to mention several hours ahead of schedule.

I'm feeling pretty worn out right now, that's for sure! I'd like to stop by Smegs (aka SEMGS), I'd like to finish my laundry, and a nap sounds awfully nice. I'm not sure how many of these will win out. I'm even wearing my recently-reacquired Smegs t-shirt, so I really ought to pick up something shredded and swing by.

But I don't want to leave the migration when it's so close to finishing... it wasn't supposed to finish until after midnight. But I can bring my laptop. I wonder how close my laundry is to finishing? I wonder which will finish first, the migration or the laundry?