March 9th, 2006


Mysterious Mouth Monsters with Malaria

I have something wrong with me, but I don't know what. I am at the point, health-wise, where I would definitely be making an appointment with somebody if I weren't so darn busy (not to mention out of state). I hurt, quite a lot, and I don't like it.

I won't be back in town until friday, and it's not quite severe enough for me to try to hunt down an urgent care place here. So I'll try to see somebody friday, assuming I don't magically get better before then.

The weirdest thing about this situation is: I don't know whether I should beg a dentist to let me in on friday, or a doctor! So I know I'd like a professional with cool hands to diagnose my problem and make it better, but I'm not sure if she should have gone to dental school or medical school....

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