March 11th, 2006


Stream of Losing Consciousness

My cat just deleted my entry. I will attempt to re-do it.

I was on my laptop today, well not exactly ON the laptop, but laying in bed curled AROUND the laptop, and I propped one end of the keyboard on a stuffed bear in order to make the screen more horizontal, like I was horizontal. I would not say I was spooning my laptop precisely, unless one were to consider spoons put hastily away, where some end up awkwardly facing another. Silver rim clashing against silver rim, and knees bumping into one another. Fortunately laptops do not have knees.

So I was reading blogs, when suddenly the power went out! This startled me so much that I opened my eyes, causing me to realize that it had not been the power going out, but me falling asleep, that had made the world become dark around me.

It wasn't until quite awhile later that I remembered that laptops have batteries, and they wouldn't go dark even if the power had gone out. So apparently my brain has trouble with simple electronics when it is trying to subtly sneak in a little nap.

Having given up his efforts to type, my cat is now sprawled on my shoulder, his paw reaching around my chin to touch me. Sort fur on my face....this is better than deleted posts.