March 15th, 2006



I want to write about a conversation with F about flowers.
I want to write some work conversations, there was the ice cream / shoe buying talk,
And there was the one where I listened to Scrub about the loose pants and naps.
I want to write about Curly leaving today.
I want to write about work, about sleep, and about the annoyance of being "getting better" forever.
I want to write about my mom being in town, and forgetting how the littlest things can set each other laughing. Sis nearly snorted her sangria.

....but I have a massive case of the hiccups, and can barely type anything. Where'd these come from? They're so huge they make my ears squeak, and my shoulders hurt, and each 'hic' nearly slingshots my head right off my neck.

I'm going to be exhausted if these don't pass, and quickly. What is up with hiccups, anyway? Haven't we cured that yet?

Maybe the end of the Diet Coke Withdrawl is to be herolded by a reeling case of mysterious hiccups.

Maybe this means everything will be better tomorrow.

It was sqring over the weekend, but now winter is back in full force. brr. But I wasn't fool.... I didn't change my goose out of her winter-wear.

I have been having fun at work, sneaking in time to work on my Secret Ajax Project when I have a few spare minutes from pairing and working on migration issues.

hic sigh