March 17th, 2006


Corned Beef and Green

Officially, I'm 25% Irish. I don't need a quiz to tell me this; I know because both of my Grandma's parents were Irish, or at least of Irish descent. I don't know if they were born there or not. I suspect not though -- I think we've been here (in the US) awhile.

But my Grandma's sister applied for (and received) Irish citizenship several years back. She needed some kind of European dual citizenship for one of her complicated world-saving ventures, and she was eligible by proving that all her ancestors originated there. So she's officially Irish, not just of Irish descent like the rest of us in the family.

So that means I'm allowed to wear green today. (Really anybody can wear green, of course, because nobody regulates colors currently.) I like wearing green, because it goes with my eyes.

My Irish heritage might also explain my fondness for whiskey and corned beef, but I suspect they are unrelated.

I had a clever title for this post when I started, but unfortunately I've since forgotten it.

This weekend is another production migration at work, and last night I was running and monitoring a test run. It didn't go smoothly, which means I got several naps last night but not an actual "full night's rest". It's all kind of a blur actually, though eventually everything was successful (the second time).

Anyway, this morning when I was getting dressed, at first I totally forgot I'd planned on wearing green. I was really chilly, not to mention exhausted, so I put on my big snugly gray-and-pink fleece sweater. Then I remembered it was St Patrick's Day. I was very sad about having to remove my cozy shirt, but I knew that gray and pink simply would not do. So I took it off and was cold again.

Fortunately I found a (thinner) green fleece, so I wasn't too dreadfully cold. I didn't remember to wear my green underthings though, and I didn't remember to put on either of the cute irishy t-shirts I own. Oh well.

Tonight F and I are going out for corned beef! He says he knows a good place. I hope there will be cabbage and potatoes too. Yummm.

Someday I need to visit Ireland, I'm told it's beautiful there. I should have worn my big wool sweater that my mum got me when she visited Ireland! But it's not green.

Okay, enough disjointed rambling. I have lots of work I should be doing, plus lunch to be eating. Maybe I'll post more later, if I figure out what it was I wanted to write about....