March 23rd, 2006


Day In The Life

Since I was online most of the weekend monitoring stuff, I spend a lot of time exploring friends' pages, and friendsfriends' pages, and so forth. I discovered a nifty new community over the weekend, ditl. It's called "Day In The Life", and the idea is that they pick a day and everybody posts photos documenting their life on that day.

Well yesterday was one of their official Day In The Life days, plus it was my first day with my new camera. So it only made sense for me to participate. I was busy playing with my camera all day anyway. It was a lot of fun! A great way to introduce myself to and experiment with my new toy.

I took a ton of pics that represented everything I did yesterday, and painfully narrowed it down to just 53 photos. Yeah, I know that's still a lot. Consider yourself warned.

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