March 29th, 2006


Super Duke

Having skied my last slope for this season, I've decided that it is time to change my default icon. I've felt oddly wordless and weak recently, so I decided to try to let SuperDuke inspire me.

Tomorrow is another "Day in the Life" day. I'll try to tackle it again.... it was a lot of work, so I'm not sure if I'll have time for it. Work has been really busy this week.

Anybody on my friends list want to play along? I'd love to see what days in your lives look like. You all saw my wednesday; take pictures of thursday. Show me your life.

This evening I watched PeeWee's Big Adventure with S&D. That was fun! Been too long since I've seen them. Been too long since I've seen a bunch of people, actually. Spring is coming; maybe it's time to stop hibernating.

Team Elan is... dying? Rearranging? I don't know. The entire coaching staff resigned from DSC and is starting a new program at the Onyx. But DSC is still retaining the name, and they're trying to still have a program. Nobody knows who will go where, but no matter what happens - the Team Elan legacy we all helped build is crumbling apart.

The drama is fascinating, and nobody knows what will happen next with the various teams. Part of it makes me wish I was still a skater, while part of it makes me glad that I quit when things were amazing.