April 13th, 2006


More Chicago Pictures

I was having so much fun writing Bunny Warnings, I forgot to mention that my last post featured, among other scarier characters, my nephew.  And actually he had a great time hunting for eggs, being chased by the easter bunny, and chasing the bunny back.

Little Ones Little Ones
It's fun to see my nephew interact with his new little sister.
Me and Tilly Me and Tilly
We were having lunch when this pic was taken. Well, I had finished lunch, and she still lunches at other places than restaurants....
Lego Man Lego Man
There is a neat lego store in Chicago, with a friendly lego man sitting on a bench outside it. I got Will a police car, just like his daddy will probably drive one day soon (except his won't be made of legos, hopefully).

Tax Time

I was sitting at work today, and I mused out loud, "I need to do my taxes." I glanced at two nearby coworkers. "Have you done yours yet?"

They both looked a bit horrified. "Yes.... in January! What have you been doing?? You do know they need to be postmarked tomorrow, don't you?"

"No actually I heard we have until monday, since the 15th is on a saturday. But don't worry, I'll have them done tomorrow. I'm not going to wait until the last minute or anything."

Last night, it was my tax-dude friend brendand who told me I didn't have to have them postmarked until monday. This was after he biffed me in the ear for not having them started yet.

I have to admit, my eyes widened a bit in worry. "Ohhh, you shouldn't have told me that! I was all set to have them completed by friday, but now I'll have an excuse to procrastinate more. I'll just pretend I didn't hear that."

I'll be fine; I'm not going to wait for the weekend, even if I have tons of time. I've started them already, and it's only 9:12pm on April 13th. I'll have them completed by tomorrow.

I explained to my friends last night that I felt I had made excellent progress. Not only did I consolidate all of my tax "stuff" into a pile several weeks ago, just tuesday I moved the pile to sit next to my computer. Actually, it was on my desk chair. So I wouldn't be able to sit at my desk without noticing it. I hadn't actually installed my TaxCut CD yet, but it was there on the chair, very near the CD drive.

A bit later in the conversation, B started ranting about customers at work. "They have really complicated tax events, they wait until the last minute, and then they expect us to work miracles. At the last minute!"

I exploded defensively, "I put the CD right next to the computer!"

Everybody got a good chuckle out of that, which was precisely what I was hoping for. This may be somewhat near the last minute, but I'm not especially concerned.

After all my taxes are pretty simple this year. Plus, B was kind enough to reassure me that his office is open on sunday. So if things get desperate, if I find myself totally lost, I have someone who can help. He even told me to be sure I fill in my car registration, and where to put it!

[Update, shortly after midnight: Finished and e-filed. I think I even got all the stuff right. I still have paperworky stuff to complete, but at least the important parts are now winging their way to the IRS.]