October 31st, 2006


Happy Halloween!

In honor of Halloween, I am wearing my new purple blinking witch earrings to work. Here is a picture of me wearing them while attempting to drive to work. Darn traffic.

Photo_103106_004.jpgTo be honest, only one of the two witches is blinking. I somehow managed to break the other one before even getting to wear it. Disappointing, that... but I guess this is what you get for $3.99 worth of blinkingness.

I thought I'd try taking it apart and fix it. By "fix it" I really mean jiggle it or poke at it until it either starts working or breaks further.

I am reminded of a time when I was a teenager, driving my mom's car somewhere with a friend. We were about to head home, and the car wouldn't start. Neither of us knew anything about cars beyond where to put the gasoline, but we popped the hood anyway. We both stared at the engine hoping vaguely that there would be a big wrench sticking out of it, or something equally obvious. There wasn't.

It turns out with the car that I'd accidentally left it in Drive. Cars (or at least that car) don't start when not in Park.

With the earring, it turned out that my little computer screwdriver was not small enough, so I wasn't able to take it apart nor fix it. I'm just wearing the non-blinking witch on the left, because nobody sits to my left at work.

Hot Dream

I had a dream a few nights ago. In this dream, I was in my house, and it felt very hot. I looked at the thermostat, and it was set much higher than I usually keep it in the winter. Much higher.

F was sitting in my livingroom on the couch. I asked him, "Did you turn the thermostat up?"

He glanced up from a book. "Oh, I kept feeling a little chilly. So I turned it up a few degrees. I guess I did I did that several times...."

I was sweating, it was so warm. "Well now it's set at ninety-eight degrees."

"I was cold."

I repeated myself. "Ninety-eight degrees!"

At this point, I awoke from the dream. I was laying on my back, and my biggest, furriest, fluffiest cat was sprawled all across my torso. I felt like we were on fire!

I shoved him off, and he stalked off with a disgruntled "Mrrw" while I gasped at the cool air. No wonder I was having weird temperature dreams!