March 31st, 2007


Book Eight

I am very behind in this effort of mine to record all the books I read... we'll see if I can make it last.

The Crystal Cave, by Mary Stewart

I don't know how this book came to be in my book collection actually, but I found it on a shelf, looking well-worn and needing new eyes on it. I found it on my shelf and picked it up awhile ago when looking for something new to read. Probably it was loaned or given to me by my mother many years ago; she's always liked Arthurian legend.

It was the story of Merlin's youth and how he came into his powers and legend. It stops right before Arthur is born. I was startled to discover on Amazon that it is the first of a series of books -- shows how little I knew about it before I picked it up.

I enjoyed this book. It was hard to follow at times, very wordy, but an interesting approach to an old legend. I don't know if I'll ever look for the following books in the series though.

Books Nine and Ten

The last few books I've read have been re-reads. Fun easy "brain candy" sorts of books to read.

Rising Sun, by Michael Crichton

When I picked up this, I wasn't sure if I'd read it or not. The plot quickly became familiar to me, but I had read it long ago enough that I didn't know how it would end. The plot begins with a beautiful woman found dead on a boardroom table, just one floor up from a huge Japanese party. The story is about a detective trying to figure out what happened.

This book was good and riviting, but in my opinion it spent too much time harping on the dangers of Japanese economic competition, Japanese corperations taking over the US, and that sort of thing. Still, a quick and fun read.

A Time of Need, by Michael Crichton

Like the above book, I'd read this one a long time ago. This one I didn't recognize until the very end, although bits of it felt familiar. Boy my memory is shot! It's a story about a young woman who dies, apparently from a botched illegal abortion. A doctor is arrested for it, and a pathologist is a friend who searches out the truth of what happened.

This book was fascinating and very hard to put down. Crighton always does a good job of keeping your attention and making you want to see what happens next. This book also had an agenda though, and it spent a little too much time for my taste preaching the necessity of legal abortion. (It was first published in 1969.)

Books Eleven and Twelve

Anne Mccaffrey was my favorite author when I was in high school/early college. The Dragonriders series will always be my favorite, but the Crystal books are good too. I was at Netmouse's house, and she was freecycling some books. I saw Crystal Line, and it was the third in the Crystal series, but I'd never read it. I immediately picked it up, but she pointed out that if I couldn't remember Killishandra very well I should read it first. She very generously dug into her pile of books NOT to be freecycled, and gave it to me. Cool! I read both quite quickly. More fun and brain-candy type books. Enjoyable reads.

Killishandra, by Anne Mccaffrey

Crystal Line, by Anne Mccaffrey
(Overly dramatic, but still kept my attention and interest.)

There, now I'm up to date. So far... but the book I'm reading now is very short!