June 2nd, 2007


It's after midnight, so it's my birthday

I have some really great friends. I organized myself a birthday dinner this evening, and ten wonderful people showed up. It was neat, because there were friends from a variety of circles, so several people didn't know one another. We went out for tapas and sangria, and it was a perfectly lovely night. Everybody seemed to get along well, there were lots of conversations going on all over the table, and it was just generally a lot of fun.

I received several cards, an embroidered cannon (with a person about to be shot out), a Javagirl t-shirt (and not even homemade), 36 homemade cookies (milk chocolate no nuts), and a giant purple-wine-redish rosebush (ready to be planted).

I wanted to put exclamations points after each of the preceeding phrases, but it would have looked excessive. But that's how I feel, full of exclamation points and friends.

What will tomorrow hold? I don't know what I'm doing for sure, but I'm hoping to give blood in the morning. My birthday gift to the world (or at least to 3 people in need). I'll play the rest of the day by ear.

Tonight I am feeling pleased and well-loved.

Pickle Party

"We have some extra pickles left," said Anne when the picnic was almost over. "Would you like them?"

Well I like pickles, I thought to myself. I thought of my jar of baby dills, mostly gone. "Sure, I'll take some."

Awhile later she set the jar next to me with a thud. It is bigger than my head! I stared in shock as she smirked and quickly walked away before I could refuse.

Well what could I do? After a few ignored efforts to get somebody to share them with me, I cradled the massive glass jar in my arm and started walking up the hill to my car.

Happily Brendan was walking with me. I gave blood this morning, and I've felt fine all day. But as I got about halfway up I noticed that the hill felt like it was becoming incredibly steep and the pickles so heavy they were a counterweight pulling me horizontally into the hill.

I stopped walking with an "Oh my God", as I realized I needed to rest. I had more pickles than I could carry! Fortunately at this point B took the pickles from me and we made it safely up the hill.

I got the pickles into my house and photographed them next to my existing pickle jar. I also weighed them. I have ten pounds of pickles!

So now I don't know what to do. I have more pickles than I can eat in a lifetime.... Anybody want to have a pickle party?